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zhejiang jiashan keneng power equipment co., ltd

zhejiang jiashankeneng power equipment co., ltd, a subsidiary of sun.king group, is a high-tech enterprise committed to r&d and industrial application of flexible ac transmission system (facts). the company has a solid technical background, rich experience and a strong team of technical experts. with regard to electrical power quality monitoring and energy-saving, the company embraces technologies and a leading team nationwide, which make it able to provide high-quality power supply for industrial parks to develop integrated power solutions and comprehensively increase power supply quality to the parks and guarantee power network safety. the company’s high and low voltage energy-saving industrial products allow energy saving and loss reduction in industrial power distribution systems. we are able to provide a complete set of technical solutions for power quality analysis and evaluation, monitoring and management, to significantly reduce harmonics, voltage fluctuations, flickers, negative sequences, etc., and therefore effectively reducing network losses, enhancing the power supply safety and reliability of various equipment and extending their service life. the company adheres to the concept of continuous innovation and constantly follows the path of sustainable development”, and is in good faith to provide quality service to all customers.


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