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static synchronous compensator

static synchronous compensator

statcom (static synchronous compensator) is an important member of the facts (flexible ac transmission system) product family. it stands for the new development direction of electric power system reactive power compensation technology at present. the control system applies a dsp-based digitalized controller, which allows quick response and precise control.

the function is as follows depending on the type of application:

electric power system:

  • improve power system stability: provide voltage support dynamically, restrain system overvoltage, damp power oscillation, increase power system stability;

  • improve ac and dc remote transmission ability: dynamically maintain the voltage of the transmission line, improve the steady-state and transmission power limit of the transmission line.

industry :

  • improve power supply quality;

  • restrain voltage fluctuation and flicker;

  • compensate load imbalance;

  • improve power factor