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sun.king won an order for an 11kv ac-j9九游会

sun.king power electronics groups  in recent days has won an order for an 11kv ac-breaker for a smart grid application in the uk. it marks that the technology of sun.king has been recognized by customers with the highest technical level in the world.

the 11kv ac-breaker is based on astrol’s (astrol electronic ag, a swiss subsidiary of sun.king) newly developed ultrafast switching is one of the  emerging electric power technologies independently developed by sun.king. ac-breaker is  a key element in the soft connection point between different power distribution networks, allowing a smarter and more efficient distribution of electric power, and will be installed in a research project of a grid operator in the uk. 11kv is the main power distribution voltage level in uk, the 11kv ac-breaker of sun.king has good prospects for development and broad market space.

with the development and utilization of new energy sources on a massive scale around the world, smart grid, which adapts to high efficiency and safe transmission of new energy,  is becoming the main field for developing and innovationg of power electronic technology. according to the international energy agency, the investment for power grid upgrade in europe will reach 500 billion euro by 2030, and smart grid will take a main part of it.

the european countries represented by the united kingdom are making great efforts to research and explore the cutting-edge technology of smart grid, in order to realize the grand plan of large-scale utilization of new energy and construction of european super-grid.

this project is a milestone on sun.king’s way to become a leading manufacturer of fast ac and dc- breakers for smart grid applications, and it lays a solid foundation for sun.king to realize the goal of “becoming the leading power technology supplier in the world”.