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sun.king won a public tender from cern -j9九游会

april 3, 2019 sun.king power electronics groups, has won a public tender for two 2ka bi-polar energy extraction systems from the european organization for nuclear research (cern) in geneva, switzerland.

the 2ka bi-polar energy extraction systems will be used in the construction and upgrade project of hi-lumi lhc(high luminosity-large hadron collider)in cern. the energy extraction system is based on astrol’s (astrol electronic ag, a swiss subsidiary of sun.king ) ultra-fast dc-breaker technology and will be applied as quench protection device in cern’s hi-lumi superconducting magnet. this high-tech equipment is able to immediately interrupt dc-currents when a fault occurs, which is a crucial element in the protection circuit of the expensive magnet. astrol’s advanced control technology allows a seamless integration in cern’s protection system.

at the end of 2018, sun.king signed an agreement with the institute of high energy physics, chinese academy of sciences to provide the first high-power, high-di/dt pulse power switching device for its bepc‖ accelerator positron source magnetic device.

with the second order for sun.king’s products from the leading laboratory, sun.king proves the suitability of its innovative technology for various applications fields such as smart grid, ships, railways and research.

"through technological innovation and the world-leading emerging electric power technology, make positive contributions to explore the mysteries of the universe and achieve a breakthrough in physical research" is the pursuit and pride of sun.king.