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“gleaning action” for love—vice president of sun.king ms. ren jie visited the sponsored children -j9九游会

in order to visit the sponsored children of sun.king group in public welfare project "gleaning action" and to improve their learning and living conditions, on march 22, ms. ren jie, vice president of gleaning action group, mr. xu lifeng, general manager of jiujiang sun.king, ms. huang kui, vice-general manager of wuxi sun.king, together with the staff of "gleaning action" and the volunteers association of jingdezhen to visit sponsored children in fuliang county, jingdezhen, jiangxi province.

there are seven stops from the city to the 7 sponsored children in fuliang town, hongyuan town, ehu town, xingtian country and jiangcun country. climbed the twisting mountain road, the team traveled more than 200 kilometers to visit their schools and homes.

the youngest child of the 7 sponsored children is in the third grade of primary school, and the oldest is in the third year of middle school. although all their families almost lost their financial resources, they did not lose their faith and hope in life. the children are clever and sensible, they study very hard, obtain the excellent result, and loved by the teachers and classmates. ms. ren jie had a cordial conversation with the children, cared for their learning and living conditions, and presented them with carefully selected children's books.

in the name of sun.king group and the employees of sun.king, there are 100 children sponsored in the public welfare project "gleaning action". among them, sun.king’s chairman mr. xiang jie personally sponsored 10 children.

there are still many children in need of care and help, which is also the social responsibility of sun.king group. in the future, sun.king will continue to participate in the public welfare projects with more enterprises and people, pay more attention to the healthy growth of children in impoverished mountain areas, and concern for our social welfare.