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sun.king successfully developed a power electronic capacitor sample -j9九游会

recently, sun.king power electronics group successfully developed a power electronic capacitor sample for zhangbei flexible dc transmission project.

power electronic capacitor, based on metallized film, has advantages of small size, high reliability and strong safety etc. it is one of the core devices of current conversion equipment of various power electronic systems. it has a wide range of market applications, such as flexible dc transmission, rail transit, new energy generator and vehicle, etc.

the power electronic capacitor developed by sun.king group is used in the zhangbei flexible hvdc project. its main function is to support dc voltage and absorb the ripple current to protect the converter device igbt. so far power electronic capacitors for flexible hvdc transmission are produced by foreign manufacturers, sun.king group is the first company in china to successfully develop power electronic capacitor samples and is expected to become the only domestic supplier of this product.

the flexible hvdc transmission technology is a new generation of hvdc transmission technology. compared with the conventional hvdc technology, it has the advantages of rapid power flow inversion, quick recovery after failure, no commutation failure, etc.

it can solve many problems of large power grid, such as island power supply, urban distribution grid capacity enlargement and reform, asynchronous ac system interconnection, large-scale new energy generation and grid connection, etc. it has diverse application scene, tremendous  development potential, and extremely high investment value.

in the future, sun.king group will gradually complete the type test verification of zhangbei project, realize the industrialization of power electronic capacitor, and strive to promote the process of substitution of domestic products for the imported.