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sun.king's filter capacitor is installed completly in hvdc changji converter station project -j9九游会

on oct 10 2017 , the filter capacitor of changji converter station project of “±1100kv changji to guquan hvdc transmission project”, which won the bid by wuxi sun.king power capacitor co., ltd. — a subsidiary of the sun.king group , was successfully installed.

on 30 juni 2017, nine trucks of equipment of wuxi sun.king changji converter station project arrived at the construction site safely. as the first company to arrive at the site, wuxi sun.king has been highly concerned by all organizations, and the construction organization has highly praised the efficient production and transportation work of sun.king.

wuxi sun.king has won the single package with the highest value of capacitor equipment in changji converter station project, the number of units is nearly 10000. during installation, the  staff of engineering services department control the quality and technology strictly, to ensure that all the site handover test can pass at one time.

the installation period was hot summer in xinjiang, the outdoor temperature may reach 40℃, but it does not affect the working heat of staff at all. the leaders of the xinjiang uygur autonomous region and state grid corporation of china had came to the site to guide work personally. with the strong support of all departments, the equipment installation work of sun.king was successfully completed on oct 10.

project background:

“changji to guquan” hvdc transmission project is the first ±1100kv hvdc transmission project in the world, which has the world's highest voltage level, the largest transmission capacity, the longest transmission distance, the highest dc transmission and transformation technical level. it is the new peak of innovation and development of hvdc transmission technology, which has great demonstration significance to the development of hvdc power grid and global energy interconnection .