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sun.king's anode saturable reactor is delivered for phase ii of “brazil meilishan” project -j9九游会

dec 22, 2017 the anode saturable reactors for converter valve developed and pruducted by jiashan sun.king electrical equipment technology co., ltd., was officially shipment and delivered to custumer, the anode saturable reactors will be used in converter valve of phase ii of “±800kv hvdc power supply project in brazil meilishan” ,which won the bid by state grid corporation of china.

according to the announcement issued on dec 13 by the parent company—sun.king power electronics group co., ltd., the order for the anode saturable reactor and optical fiber of phase ii of “brazil meilishan” project values 105 million. after the first batch of anode saturated reactors are officially shipped, the above order will begin to be delivered in succession. 

project background:

phase ii of “brazil meilishan” project is the power supply project of the meilishan hydropower station, which is the second largest hydropower station (with an installed capacity of 11 million kilowatts) in brazil, with an investment of about us 2.2 billion, return on investment over 14%.

the project will built a ±800kv hvdc line with the length of 2518 km, converter stations at both ends of the line and related supporting projects, with a transmission capacity of 4 million kilowatts. the project is scheduled to be put into operation in 2020. this is the second hvdc transmission project won by state grid corporation of china after phase i of “brazil meilishan” project, and the first overall contract for hvdc transmission project overseas.

based on "the belt and road initiative" strategy , state grid corporation of china won the bid of the phase ii of “brazil meilishan” project independently, will strongly push china ' s domestic hvdc transmission technology、equipment and engineering general contracting integration to ”go overseas” . and the countries along the route with much land and few people also have great demand for electric power transmission, which makes the hvdc transmission after high speed rail and nuclear power, become the third business card for china ' s manufacturing industry going aboard.