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PeeWee Goes to Town  ~ Story & Illustrations by Gwen Baxter
A primer book for the beginning reader, set in the northern village of Cornucopia, WI.
Join PeeWee, a Golden Labrador dog, on her adventure into town and a visit to Ehler's Store, a 100 year old mercantile.
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Gwen Baxter is a children's author, poet, and watercolor artist residing in Cornucopia, WI. "My works range from personal to political, lyrical flowers to creative chaos using symbols to create emotional impact and strike personal chords in the viewer." 

Workshops available exploring creative visualization, soul collage, and non-dominant-hand painting.





Art Shows & Appearances

Sat, Sept 16, 2006 Cornucopia Art Crawl Brickyard Creek Realty at the Sawgrass, Cornucopia, WI
Sat, Nov 4  Reception 5-9 p.m. 
Show runs through Nov 26
The Group of Three
Gwen Baxter, Terri Daulton, 
April Lehman
Washburn Cultural Museum, 
Tues-Sat 10-4 p.m.
Washburn, WI



Medicine Wheel
28" x 36"
Cows & Canoes
28" x 36"
28" x 36"


28" x 36"


8" x 10"
Cornucopia Marina
16" x 22"
Stillife Stargazer
16" x 20"
Pink Rocks 1
10" x 13"
Pink Rocks 2
10" x 13"


Think Think think said
the bird outside my window
this morning
     But that is exactly
what I am trying NOT
to do, I replied.
     I love the grackles
even though you'te not s'posed to
     I admire the white circled eye
glossy blue black sheen
of feathers
they are seen as greedy
maybe their behavior
reminds us humans
unpleasantly of our own.
     What's wrong with wanting
to eat as much as you
possibly can
the grackles and the fat people wonder?
we're hungry today
our bellies send a click clack
morse code to the brain
'find food fast lest we perish'
     why do we despise
the fat people and the grackles?
     Is it their lack of
That's dangerous territory
The Jim and Tammy Faye Baker story.
Who cares about the outward appearance?
My mother taught me
that it is what's inside
that counts.
     "The grackles steal the other birds
nest and throw out their eggs
and raise their own instead,' you say.
To a Native American
that sounds strangely familiar
except the grackles
don't fill your head
with lies about being savages
and subhuman
or kill your people
with blankets infested with smallpox
The grackles do it from the very start
in utero.
(or is it ovo?)
     This is trouble
I get into when I think
You noisy beautiful birds
Eat the cat food I've put out
for the cat I say
Prosper and multiply.
That's what WE'RE doing.
It's the American dream.
Meanwhile I'll simplify.