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thyristor controlled series compensator

thyristor controlled series compensator

transmission lines fixed series compensator and thyristor controlled series compensator is an electric device which is used for enhancing ac power transmission capacity and system stability. when connected in series in an ac power transmission line, it is able to shorten the electrical distance to improve transmission capacity and system stability. thyristor controlled series compensator flexibly adjusts flow distribution, restrains damping power oscillation and reduces the risk of sub synchronous resonance (ssr). series compensators are suitable for transmission lines of long distances and large capacities.

  • increase transmission capacity

  • enhance system stability

  • improve power quality

  • significantly reduce line investment

series compensator has the following technical characteristics:

  • the device has double systems for adjustment, control and protection, providing high reliability

  • advanced platform power supply system enhances the reliability and stability of the platform measuring system

  • measuring system adopts photoelectric measuring technologies; strong anti-jamming capabilities

  • world-leading high-power thyristor valve series technology, thyristor valve te board power supply technology and self-correction technology adopted

  • mov valve plate matching technology with proprietary intellectual rights, able to limit the unbalance factor between different mov column currents below 5% and the unbalance factor between 2 mov currents below 5‰. we remain world-leading in both valve plate matching and current equalizing.

  • specially designed spark gap device has accurate breakdown voltage and high reliability.