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flexible dc support capacitor

flexible dc support capacitor

application: mainly used in the flexible dc transmission project, it is one of the key components of flexible dc transmission, also known as dc-link capacitor. it is used in the valve tower together with the commutation device igbt, supporting dc voltage in the current circuit, and absorbing ripple current, to protect the safety of igbt.

main implementation standards:

iec61071 capacitors for power electronics

gb/t17702 power electronic capacitor


basic features:

self-healing metallized film capacitor, dry type, inside potting with resin, long service life, blasting resistance, flame-retardant grade ul94-v0


basic parameter:

operating environment temperature: ﹣40℃~﹢60℃

rated capacity: 0.5mf~20mf
capacitance range: 0~ 5%
rated voltage: ≤5kv(dc)
tangent of the loss angle tanδ: <0.001  (adjusted according to specific projects)

stray inductance esl: ≤30nh (adjusted according to specific projects)

equivalent series resistance esr: ≤0.2mω (adjusted according to specific projects)

max surge current îs: ≤770ka (adjusted according to specific projects)

max peak current î: ≤50ka   (adjusted according to specific projects)

partial discharge between terminal and case: ≤10pc

withstand voltage between terminals: 1.5undc, 60s

can be customized according to user requirements.