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gis uhf partial discharge monitoring system

gis uhf partial discharge monitoring system

the distributed partial discharge online monitoring system, realizes the long-term online monitoring and diagnosis of gis transformer partial discharge, and has the ability to locate the discharge power. convenient distributed network, can quickly and conveniently provide remote access technology, real-time and accurate defect diagnosis, warning, comprehensive map analysis, and flexible and simple configuration of the entire station, so that users can quickly and conveniently to obtain the operation state information of high voltage equipment.

product features

  • detection principle: full-band dynamic scanning pd detection technology based on uhf

  • uhf sensor: auto balanced output impedance, no need for impedance converter, can be charged installed 

  • sampling mode: multi-channel high-speed synchronous sampling

  • denoising technology: filtering interference recognition and elimination environment denoising  

  • signal processing: fpga full digital processing 

  • discharge pattern: real time dynamics prps/prpd,n-t,q-t,φ-n,φ-t,φ-q-n,n-q

  • low power: 17.6w 16 channel 

  • recognition of discharge types: recognition expert database based on neural network

  • sampling unit working bandwidth: 300mhz~1500mhz

  • dynamic range :-80dbm~-10dbm

  • system sensitivity: 5pc

  • extensibility: plug-in structure, can be installed sensor and field sampling unit arbitrarily, easy to set up field network 

  • protection technology: sampling unit has overvoltage protection technology

  • communication technology: ethernet 

  • filtering technology: hardware filtering