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ac switches

ac switches

based on the long-term experience of astrol electronic in designing solid-state switches, sun.king offers highly reliable ac switches using igbt or thyristor technology.

the switched play an important role in special applications, where fast switching, accurate control and a long and maintenance service life are required. we have several mature and self-owned technology platforms in place, including: optically controlled gate drivers, application specific control electronics, optimized clamping of thyristor stacks and seamless power module design. innovative isolation and cooling concepts complete our concept to make highly reliable switches for seamless integration in our customers' systems.


application fields

applications in grid impedance real-time measuring devices

the ac switches is used in the access substations near the wind power plants in grid impedance real-time measuring devices, and it can measure the grid impedance when a great deal of new energy access. this real-time impedance measuring device is applied in 10kv, 35kv and 110kv grids.


applications in electrical railway

the pulsed-power ac switches can substitute for the traditional vacuum mechanical changeover switch gradually as a trend in the auto neutral-section passing device in the electrical railway. this auto neutral-section passing device with ac switches is applied successfully in tens of projects in india and netherlands.