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jiashan sun.king electrical equipment & technology co., ltd

jiashansun.king electrical equipment & technology co., ltd is a 100% owned subsidiary of sun.king power electronic group, and is specialized in design, manufacture and sales of igbt power modules and drivers, anode saturable reactors, high-voltage power equipment cooling systems and other power electronic components.

since its establishment in 2004, the company maintained a continuous and rapid development, pushed forward by the mass construction of high-voltage dc power transmission projects and railway locomotives. in 2011, the total investment of the company increased to 99 million us dollars, while the registered capital increased to 76.5 million us dollars. with a production base covering more than 110,000 square meters, the company is iso9001 certified and dedicated to the r&d of new technologies and equipment help achieve the goal of efficient use and low-loss transmission of electric power.

an anode saturable reactor is one of the most important protective components in a high-voltage dc power transmission converter valve, used to protect the converter valves against high-voltage surge current and impacts of lightnings. we passed the national technological appraisal in april 2010, and remain the only supplier nationwide capable of producing high-voltage anode saturable reactors. as a result of our focus on quality, we have become the sole supplier of the three hvdc converter valve manufacturers in china, xd group, china electric power research institute (cepri) of state grid and xj group.

the igbt power module is an integral part of every modern locomotive, making use of igbt technology for the dc/ac power conversion and enhance the efficiency of the traction system remarkably. it comprises of high-performance igbt power modules, igbt drivers, protection circuit and a cooling device, assembled to an integrated component of the traction converter. at present, we are the sole chinese supplier to cnr of igbt power modules for 9600kw power locomotives.

the water cooling system branch of jiashan sun.king is working closely with numerous universities, research, engineering and design institutions, which enable the company to follow the most recent trends in the industry both in china and abroad. it allows us to achieve continuous improvement and innovation and the timely design of mature solutions for our customers. our products are widely applied in power converters, railway locomotives, iron & steel, vessels, heavy power equipment for commercial use as well as large-scale scientific experiment equipment. we are also the supplier of csr zhuzhou institute for de-ionized water-cooling systems for the 7200kw locomotives.

the silicon rectifier valves produced by our company also find massive applications in chemical engineering, metallurgical and electrolytic aluminum industries.

additionally, the company is engaged in the design and manufacture of other power electronic components, including electromagnetic coils for special reactors and frequency converters.


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