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sun.king igbt products make a debut -j9九游会

sun.king power electronics group limited (“sun.king”) and its subsidiary swisssem technology ag (“swisssem”) held a briefing for launching proprietary igbt products at 10:00 a.m. on september 28.

sun.king 1200v/200a chips, the first product of the company’s “i20” igbt chip technology, and 1200v/600a module, the first product based on sun.king ed-type igbt module technology were officially unveiled.

it has been only one year and six months since sun.king announced the start of igbt project in march 2019, which has been intended to produce the world-class proprietary igbt chips and module products. over this short period of time, sun.king has not only set up a technological team and established swisssem, a subsidiary fully responsible for igbt business, but also has completed a series of work such as technical roadmap demonstration, supply chain system establishment, as well as commencement of production base.

today, sun.king celebrated the unveiling of the first igbt products of sun.king, and our long-awaited dream has come true. the whole company was intoxicated with great joys, and friends from all walks of life extended their congratulations and blessings.


leading and exclusive design ensures excellent testing performance


at the beginning of this briefing, mr. roland, ceo of swisssem, conveyed greetings and introduced the technical research and development team and the project.



after that, mr. arnost, swisssem’s cto expounded the details about the research and development planning, design ideas, technical characteristics and testing performance of igbt chip technology.

the i20 chips, sun.king’s first igbt chip product, excels in the brilliant performance for its cutting-edge elements, such as fine pattern trench, narrow mesa, optimized n-enhancement design, short channel, advanced 3d structure and p design, optimized laser annealing buffer and anode, and ultra-thin n-base design.



mr. arnost also assured everyone that swisssem would undoubtedly become the name card of high-performance and high-quality igbt devices.

mr. sven, coo of swisssem, briefed the audience on the company’s first module, ed-type.

the module, particularly, is linearly designed, with the current sharing performance nearly 2 times better, and the reliability and stability has been significantly improved.

in addition, thanks to the strict supplier selection and management system, as well as the best manufacturing process, ed-type modules far outperform our expectation, as only one of the six samples failed in the test after a period three times longer than the life time elapsed.     



finally, mr. roland showed the blueprint of swisssem.

the swisssem’s independently developed st-type module, which is pending for patent recognition, was not the only attraction at this briefing. the i21 chip of the 7g microgroove for electric vehicles, the m2x chip with new material sic, and the exclusive technology-based ev-type module also reflected swisssem’s determination on developing electric vehicles and gorgeous expertise.



stay true to our original aspiration and work hard to press ahead


it has been nearly 20 years since mr. xiang jie, chairman of sun.king, founded the group after returning to china with the dream of building the homeland a technology powerhouse. today, on the eve of the birthday of the motherland, our first igbt product came into being. this is really an unforgettable and exciting moment.

however, this is a tremendously difficult technology. in days ahead, we should still adhere to the "practical and serious" spirit of technology craftsmanship in the subsequent research and development and industrialization of igbt, and accomplish our tasks firmly step by step. only by doing so can we produce first-class and reliable products. after this briefing, sun.king will immediately further test and verify the first prototypes, achieve the mass produce by the end of 2020, and provide them to customers for application and verification.