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sun.king attended 2018 pcim europe and asia exhibition -j9九游会

in jun. 2018, sun.king power electronics group co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "sun.king")  attended pcim europe in nuremberg germany and pcim asia in shanghai china successively, and exhibited a number of new products.

the new products included: power electronic capacitors, laminated busbars, dc breaker, pulse power modules, automotive igbt gate unit, digital igbt gate unit, etc., which have industry leading technical level and extensive market demand on a global scale.

sun.king's future business growth will focus on developing global market. by participating in pcim exhibition for many years, sun.king has been welcomed and recognized by many foreign customers, which established a good foundation for the development of the global market.

in addition, during the pcim europe exhibition, sun.king held its first "overseas partners exchange meeting " in nuremberg for partners and customers from 14 countries, including the united states, italy, poland, australia, france, germany, south korea, etc. the participants communicated and exchanged with each other at the meeting.